Daily Checkup
Virus Scan:
Every day new viruses are being developed. Keeping your virus scanning up to date keeps your computer up and running!
Keeping an eye on the weather can save you money by letting you know when the next storm is coming. Even if you have a surge protector, shutting down your computer may still be a wise idea, unless you feel you need a new computer!
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eBay- Visit eBay auctions for bargain buys.
uBid- Visit uBid auctions for bargain buys.
Priceline- Visit Priceline auctions for bargain buys on big ticket items. priceline.com
Kelly Blue Book- Find the real value of your vehicle. kbb.com
Auto.com- Anything you ever wanted to know about cars. auto.com
Autoshop Online- Popular site for car repair and maintenence. autoshop-online.com
Monster- Search jobs, personalize your career tools, find the employees you need.
MonsterTrak- The number one site for college career searches.
CareerSPAN- Resume advice and posting. careerspan.com
Careerbuilder- Massive online job-hunting resource.
Internet Content Filtering
Net Nanny- Prevent viewing of adult sites. netnanny.com
Cyber Patrol- Prevent viewing of adult sites. cyberpatrol.com
Cyber Snoop- Prevent viewing of adult sites. cyber-snoop.com
General Computer
Deja- Get info on computer parts before you buy. deja.com
WinDrivers- Drivers for all your windows needs. windrivers.com
American Health Network- Information and resources for healthy living.
Fitness Online- A popular destination for fans of fitness. fitnessonline.com
The Rx List- The internet's premier database for prescription drugs. rxlist.com
CNN- Online version of the renowned international news network. cnn.com
USA Today- Online version of the popular newspaper. usatoday.com
Amazon- Books and so much more. amazon.com
CDNOW- Your music headquarters. cdnow.com
PCflowers- Order flowers any day, any time. pcflowers.com
ESPN- Up to the minute sports news, stats, and highlights. espn.com
National Basketball Association- Visit the official site of the NBA.
National Football League- Visit the official site of the NFL.
Major League Baseball- Visit the official site of the MLB.
National Hockey League -Visit the official site of the NHL. nhl.com
NASCAR- Visit the official site of NASCAR.
Internet Entertainment
RealAudio- Streaming music and radio. realaudio.com
Yahoo- Chat, games, and more. yahoo.com
HappyPuppy- All your gaming needs. happypuppy.com
Software Downloads
Download.com- Search for tons of shareware. download.com
Tucows- Tons of software, all categorized. tucows.com
Shareware.com- Shareware site. shareware.com
Software Manufacturers
Adobe- High quality photo related software and more. adobe.com
Microsoft- Win9x, NT, 2000, Me OS maker. microsoft.com
Macromedia- Flash, and shockwave, must have. macromedia.com
Novell- Networking software. novell.com
RedHat- Linux software manufacture and OS. redhat.com
Chip Manufacturers
Intel- Makers of the Pentium chip set. intel.com
AMD- Makers of the Athlon processor. amd.com
Hardware Manufacturers
Lucent- Networking hardware and modems. lucent.com
US Robotics- Popular modems. usr.com
3Com- Internet related. 3com.com
Optiquest- Monitors. optiquest.com
Linux Related
Mandrake- Popular linux distro. linux-mandrake.com

RedHat- Popular linux distro.

Linux.com- Linux news, help, and more. linux.com
Linuxnewbie.com- For new linux users. linuxnewbie.com
Search Engines
Dogpile- Popular meta search. dogpile.com
Yahoo- Popular search engine. yahoo.com
Hotbot- Search Engine hotbot.com
Looksmart- Search Engine looksmart.com
FindWhat- Search Engine findwhat.com
GoTo.com- Search Engine goto.com
Google- Search Engine google.com
Direct Hit- Search Engine directhit.com
Infoseek- Search Engine infoseek.go.com
Lycos- Search Engine lycos.com
Web Browsers  
Microsoft Internet Explorer- Popular Web Browser microsoft.com/ie
Netscape Navigator- Popular Web Browser netscape.com
ICQ- Instant messenger. icq.com
WinAmp- Mp3 player. winamp.com




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