Daily Checkup
Virus Scan:
Every day new viruses are being developed. Keeping your virus scanning up to date keeps your computer up and running!
Keeping an eye on the weather can save you money by letting you know when the next storm is coming. Even if you have a surge protector, shutting down your computer may still be a wise idea, unless you feel you need a new computer!
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Download SlipStream Web Accelerator for MAC

Nationwide Dialup Numbers


Support Walk-Thru's
Full picture walk thrus of applications such as Internet Explorer, or Outlook Express.
Common questions and answers that you might not need to ask one of our technicians.
Server Settings
A list of settings such as Mail Server addresses, DNS addresses, and News Server address.





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New Feature!

Web Mail:
The new web mail client has been installed and now allows you to check your mail from anywhere you can obtain Internet access! Check it out today.

Surf the Web:
The GoCSG.net activities section is a great place to find fun and useful places to visit on the Web!
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